PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES was established as a subsidiary of PT SIGNA HUSADA with the aim to fulfil the needs of quality medical device products. And also, to provide job opportunities for those who are competent in the field of medical devices and have integrity and loyalty to develop the Company in order to make employee family welfare.


PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES focus on Medical Disposable Products including Wound Care Management Products, Rapid Test: Drug of Abuse Test (DOAT) Infectious Disease Test (IDT), Point of care testing (POCT)  which is a test that can be done simply and quickly, which is designed to be used as an initial test that is indispensable for further medical treatment.


With our vision and mission, PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES will move forward to become a reliable partner for the supply of quality medical disposable products, with excellent service and affordable prices to support Government and Private Health Programs national wide.


In cooperation with all hospitals and other institutions related to health facilities, PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES is ready to support the Government Health Program to move towards a Healthy INDONESIA.


PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES established for Employee welfare and for Healthy INDONESIA. We work with humility, pride, and high commitment.

Thank you and GOD bless you,


EK Umbas


The Company

PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES is a subsidiary of PT SIGNA HUSADA, a leading supplier of pharmaceutical grade active ingredients and excipients. 

The founder of PT SIGNA HUSADA is Mr E K Umbas in early 1991.

After PT SIGNA HUSADA successfully established, Mr E K Umbas has the heart to build one more company to give challenges for people who need jobs. The people who have integrity and the ability to make PT SIGNA PROMEDIC SUPPLIES be a blessing for their family and Indonesia.

Our Blessed Team

We built 3 Divisions to ensure that we focus on customer needs.